About Sarina

Sarina was born in a small town on the East Coast of NSW in 1977.


At a very young age her Mother, Step-father and two brothers moved to the Gold Coast in the hope for greater opportunities for work and better schooling.


Sarina had always admired Authors and loved the world of books, and the feeling it gave her when she would sit and read.


At the age of 16, Sarina won a scholarship for a writing competition to study in the United States of America for 6 months.


After completing the 6 month stay she returned home to finish her year 12 certificate.


Over the years Sarina has tried her hand at many odd jobs here and there and has completed several certificates in education based courses.


Sarina and her husband Michael welcomed their first child Riley in 2001.


Shortly after, they started a small family business in Automotive Glass Glazing which she and Michael are still actively involved with, along with their great team of staff members.


Michael and Sarina welcomed their second child Kian in 2007, and by then the family business had grown considerable.


2010 they opened their third store and had baby number three, a little girl, Josie.


Life has always been very busy for the Thompson Family, balanced between, work, play and education which Sarina believes is the foundation and fundamentals of a child’s beginning, EDUCATION!


Reading, writing, interaction with peers teachers and mentors.


Sarina believes in encouraging our little ones to speak, ask questions, give real answers, be honest and encourage our children to read.


Sarina feels her heart open, and her mind expands with knowledge every time she picks up a new book to read to her beautiful children, and she hopes you and your little one feel the same when you open her books too....Happy Reading!

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